What To Expect

When you come to Faith, you will likely be greeted at the door by one of our volunteer staff.  They will hand you a bulletin with what's going on at Faith and direct you to the worship center doors just ahead of you.  If you have children, you will be guided to our ALL NEW Children's Center.  For the adult service you will be guided to our Worship Center. Once inside the worship center, you will discover that we have no formal printed "Order of Worship" or complicated ritual to follow.  However, our worship is based upon Biblical patterns. 
Some of the "experiences" you will have during our services:  
  • Experience a worship time as we exalt and praise God.
  • Experience an informal greeting time where you will meet new friends and likely see old acquaintances.
  • Experience an example or two of what events are on the horizon for our church.
  • Experience a monetary offering being received from members and regular attenders.
  • Experience the Bible taught in a practical and relevant way, which often includes media and/or drama.
We hope to see you soon!